What's new

What's new in ActiLife 6.13 - released August 12th 2015

Batch Sleep Scoring

Calculate sleep periods, sleep metrics and export results for multiple files.

New Cut Point Sets

Add six new cut point sets. Nero (2015) Parkinson's Disease VM and Y-axis, Johansson (2014) preschoolers VM and Y-axis, Keadle (2014) Women's health VM and Y-axis.


What's new in ActiLife 6.12 - released July 29th 2015

Improved Auto Sleep Period Detection

Added the Tudor-Locke Algorithm as an option to automatically detect sleep periods.



Sleep Fragmentation

ActiLife calculates fragmented sleep results for each sleep period automatically.



Improved AGD to CSV conversion

Export multiple AGD files into one or many CSV files and select the columns you need.


What's new in ActiLife 6.11 - released June 9th, 2014

Study Admin Integration

ActiGraph's Study Admin is a web-based software tool that offers multi-site study management and logistics support.


Custom Clinical Reports

Generate a simple clinical report that can be shared with colleagues or kept as a record of subject behavior.


What's new in ActiLife 6.10 - released January 30th, 2014

Proximity Tagging

Detect and tag other devices in range to obtain valuable information about the subject's environment.


Group Initialization

Group devices during initialization to simplify data analysis for projects utilizing multiple monitors worn on the body simultaneously.

What's new in ActiLife 6.9 - released November 27th, 2013

Wear Time Sensing
An integrated sensor on the back of the monitors uses capacitive sensing technology to detect precisely when the device is worn.


What's new in ActiLife 6.8 - released August 15th 2013

View percentages and times for moderate-to-vigorous cut point thresholds.

Feature Extraction  
Analyze raw data files by extracting time and frequency domain features.

Mark sleep as non-wear 
Sleep times can now be marked as wear or non-wear during data scoring.

What's new in ActiLife 6.7 - released May 22nd 2013

View/Export raw data


View, select, export high-resolution raw data (File -> Import/Export)

Choi/Troiano Wear Time Validation


Select or modify validated wear time validation algorithms

Restore Defaults

Restore devices(s) to their default state for long-term storage

What's new in ActiLife 6.6 - released March 27th 2013

Log Diaries


 Assign date and time filters to individual subjects in Data Scoring.

Wear time validation history


 Quickly view the date and type of wear time validation performed.

ActiLife API


Remotely control ActiLife over a standard socket inside closed systems.


What's new in Actilife  6.5 -  released January 17th 2013

Actilife Mobile Support

 ActiLife 6.5 supports the new iOS compatible ActiLife Mobile app, which enables in-field mobile communication with wGT3X+ and wActiSleep+ devices.

Heart Rate RR interval

ActiLife 6.5 provides users with heart rate RR interval measurements collected by a wGT3X+ or wActiSleep+ device and compatible wireless heart rate monitor.

Separation Sleep- vs. Non-Wear Time

 ActiLife 6.5 allows users to mark sleep periods as wear time to prevent them from being flagged as non-wear time.

Enhanced Data Exports

ActiLife 6.5 offers enhanced data export options, including the abilities to select daily, hourly or epoch data for export and to export wear time validated data to CSV.

What's new in ActiLife 6.4 - released September 4th 2012

Sedentairy Bout Analysis


ActiLife 6.4 allows users to calculate bouts of sedentary behavior for more comprehensive analysis.


Wireless Real Time Streaming and Downloading

ActiLife 6.4 can wirelessly stream real time data and device orientation information captured by wGT3X+ and wActiSleep+ devices.


Data Scoring Performance and Improvement

ActiLife 6.4 improves Data Scoring speed and drastically reduces memory load when processing large sets of data files.


What's new in ActiLife 6.3 - released July 19th 2012   

Multiple wireless initialisation

ActiLife 6.3 introduces the ability to wirelessly initialize multiple wGT3X+ and/or wActiSleep+ devices.


Data scoring Speed Improvements

ActiLife 6.3 dramatically improves Data Scoring calculation speed by 90%!

GPS compatibility Improvements

ActiLife 6.3 includes support for iTrail, Garmin and Qstarz GPS correlation.



What's new in ActiLife 6.2 - released June 14th 2012

ANT+ Wireless

 ANT+ functionality has arrived. Communicate with the new wGT3X+ and wActiSleep+ wirelessly.

Wireless Initialization

ActiLife 6.2 introduces the ability to wirelessly initialize wGT3X+ and wActiSleep+ devices.


Wireless Data Summary

ActiLife 6.2 can retrieve summary data and operating status without downloading.


ActiLife 6.2 can, in combination with wGT3X+ or wActiSleep+ measure heartfrequency wireless by ANT+.


What's new in ActiLife 6.1 - Released April 19th 2012

Improved performance


Data scoring speed has been dramatically improved with this release. Loading files, what used to take minutes, now takes seconds.

Merge AGD files

 ActiLife 6.1 introduces the ability to merge two AGD files together. Consolidate subject data from two AGD files into a single file. 


GPS Data Correlation


 ActiLife 6.1 can now correlate your actigraphy data with Garmin or QStarz GPS data. Visualize intensity with Google Earth exports.


What's new in ActiLife 6.0 -  Released February 9th 2012

Consolidated Data Scoring

ActiLife 6 improves the efficiency and ease of data scoring by allowing users to calculate energy expenditure and MET rates, perform cut point analysis and detect activity bouts simultaneously with results displayed in one simple location.

Batch Data Exports

ActiLife 6 introduces batch data exports, which consolidate daily, hourly and summary data for multiple subjects into a single CSV file, eliminating the need for third party analysis programs for most users.

Data Vault

ActiLife 6 includes 4GB of free storage capacity in the ActiGraph Data Vault*, which can be used to share data among study sites and securely backup and archive ActiGraph data files.

Improved Performance

The new ActiLife 6 architecture will facilitate faster and faster data downloads and processing speeds over the coming months.