The industry leader in physical activity measurement

ActiGraph’s ambulatory monitoring hardware and software solutions have been used for more than a decade in thousands of basic and applied research projects and large scale population studies involving physical activity, energy expenditure and sleep/wake behavior and their relationships to chronic health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and sleep disorders.

Keeping pace with the evolving landscape of health research and an increasingly complex funding environment, ActiGraph’s newest generation of wireless devices and innovative cloud and mobile communication platform helps to bridge the gap between basic and translational research, serving as an intervention tool while simultaneously delivering the high quality objective data that our research clients have come to depend on.

Accurate, reliable and innovative technology
ActiGraph monitors have undergone extensive independent validation testing and have been consistently rated the most accurate and reliable devices of their kind. ActiGraph strives to deliver innovation that enhances the capabilities of the research team, such as a wireless enabled devices and a mobile application, while steadfastly preserving our scientifically validated core measurement technology.

Powerful research driven software
ActiGraph’s ActiLife software platform was designed specifically to meet the logistical and data management challenges associated with large, multi-site research studies. A broad range of integrated features such as batch analytics and cloud-based data sharing help streamline the research effort and eliminate the need for third party tools.

 The new CentrePoint software tool leverages cloud and mobile technologies to solve many of the practical and logistical challenges associated with large scale, multi-site studies. Studies are preconfigured to simplify deployment and reduce setup errors, and subjects can upload data remotely via mobile device or home data hub to provide the research team with near real-time information about wear compliance and subject outcomes.

Global data comparability
As the most widely used accelerometry monitoring system in the world, implementation of the ActiGraph solution within your research project guarantees data comparability with thousands of large scale, high profile studies conducted around the world.