Developed to address the challenges associated with large scale, multi-site projects, ActiLife allows users to work with multiple devices simultaneously and to consolidate, analyze and export numerous data sets with ease.

- High speed, multi device initialization and downloads
- Data scoring with industry standard algoritms
- Custom initialization and download templates
- Wireless devcie communication*
- Custom Data Screening
- Data and Time Filters
- Real time data streaming
- Batch data analysis
- Integrated cloud based data storage 


ActiLife contains a wide selection of independently validated, industry standard algorithms, allowing users to select the most appropriate data scoring equations for each project or study population. Powerful batch processing capabilities and a variety of data export and reporting options help streamline workflow and ensure projects run smoothly and effectively.

Energy Expenditure
Estimate physical activity energy expenditure (PAEE) in kcals with 5 available equations.

Cut Points
Classify physical activity intensity using 10 available cut point sets or create a custom set of cut points.

Sedentary Analysis
Identify bouts of low activity and details about a subject’s sedentary behavior.

Heart rate analysis*
Calculate heart rate variables including ADL heart rate, average active heart rate, heart rate delta, average active energy expenditure and RR interval.

PLM Scoring**
Detect and score periodic leg movements in patients with PLM disorder or restless leg syndrome. 

Data comparison
Compare subject profiles and data against standardized, large scale datasets including the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

MET rates
Determine the average hourly, daily and per-epoch metabolic rate with 12 different MET algorithms.

Activity bouts
Define and detect bouts of physical activity, number of occurrences, average length, time spent within bouts and total count level of bouts.

Determine whether subjects are standing, sitting or lying down and whether the ActiGraph device has been removed.

Sleep Scoring
View graphical sleep/wake activity and calculate sleep statistics such as onset, sleep latency, amount of sleep and sleep efficiency using several validated scoring algorithms.

GPS correlation
Merge ActiGraph data with compatible GPS files and generate activity intensity heat maps using Google Earth.

Batch Data Exports
Export scored daily, hourly and summary data for multiple datasets and subjects as a single consolidated CSV file.

*The HR analysis tool can only be used with data collected by ActiTrainer, wGT3X+ or wActiSleep+ devices used in conjunction with a compatible heart rate monitor. 

**The PLM scoring tool is only compatible with data collected by the legacy ActiSleep, ActiSleep+ and wActiSleep+ monitors. To activate this feature using a different type of device, please contact our Sales Team. 



ActiGraph Data Vault

Upload ActiGraph data files to the Data Vault for secure, centralized cloud-based data storage and sharing across multiple study sites. The ActiGraph Data Vault reduces local computer system requirements and IT workload associated with the storage and management of large raw data files. 

Seamless data sharing and transfer between multiple sites Secure data backups and archiving Revision control for added security Cloud-based data processing

ActiLife users with an active maintenance agreement automatically receive 20 GB of free space in the Data Vault. Additional space can be purchased by contacting the ActiGraph Sales Team.